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1 30 year old mild blurring of vision in right EYE since 2 days .. no other systemic complaints. vision 6/9 BE. pupil normal reaction ,no RAPD. fundus pictures as attached 1. diagnosis 2. investigations 3. treatment

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Accepted Answer

Diagnosis: 1) Papilloedema 2) Nonischemic CRVO Inv : OCT , FFA , CBC , homocysteine , cardiac work up … Treatment : Depending on cause

2 A 38 yrs male h/o angioplasty 3yrs before,came to me with c/o severe breathlessness,ccf,treated.2d echo showing EF25%,tt tab frusamide daily two tab.fluid restriction 1lit/24hr,now he is c/o tetany,intermittent deviation of mouth,dx n tt

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drug induced hypocalcemia  rule out hypokalemia and hypocalcemia. Do a serum protein /albumin. Rule out metabolic alkalosis.


3 can u explain how to diagnose diabetic keto acidosis,and treatment of it

Accepted Answer

clinically by taking history like known case of DM,patient coming with missed previous insulin dose,any stressor like infection , injury, etc. patient usually comes with altered sensorium , dehydration , tachycardia,etc should immediately do rbs ketones levels in blood serum electrolytes TC DC treatment fluid with insulin antibiotics supportive treatment .


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