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1 32 year female c/0 melasma since 5 years she is applying hydroquinoine regularly some times discontinue the RX  appears hyperpigmet or fix drug eruption plz suggest RX or DX and any substitute cream


Accepted Answer

melasma. emphasis should be on use of sunscreens regularly before sun exposure (9am to 6pm) for indefinite period to prevent repigmentaion. To remove existing pigmentation apply thin film of combination of hydroquinone, trtinoin and mometasone preparation only to igmented area only once at night , only in very small amounts ,only till the pigmented patch disappears ( a month or so).dicontinue once the patch disappears. but continue sunscreen for prolonged period. stoping su screen is the cause of recurrence projected as ,treatment failure. all onlys are to be strictly followed as over enthusiastic pt/ doctor could create problems.

2   7 Mon  post  natal  mother  c/o excessive milk secretion..   S tr  any  drug  avail  to  reduce  milk  secretion..  some  Ve  suggested  ocps. can c continue  breast  feeds  w ocps. .   give  ur  opinion

Accepted Answer

there are two options , one is start Tab. B long F x od for 15 days for suppression of milk second one is expressed milk and feed the baby, and u can use OCPS with breast feeding


3 a 33 yr old male suffering from high garde fever,chills,weakness since 3 days  hb is 12.5, tlc 15500..platelet is (high) widal negative..line of treatment pls????

Accepted Answer

It’s a typical case of Acute Sepsis Syndrome. There is leukocytosis along with thrombocytosis. Remember, thrombocytosis is a good indicator for bacterial sepsis. Need Pan – cultures. (Sputum + blood + urine). Start emperic antibiotics.

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