Today, Curofy connects you to Dr Vishesh Malhotra, having over 29 years of experience in ENT. Apart from his own practice in Gurgaon, he is also practicing with Max Hospital, Gurgaon. He completed MBBS from JIWAJI University Gwalior in 1985, MS – ENT from JIWAJI University Gwalior in 1988 and PGCHM from NIHFW Delhi in 2006.

Curofy: What are your key areas of interest in ENT?

I have a keen interest in Functional Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery (FESS). FESS is done for sinusitis which is age old and in this modality we get better outcomes as compared to earlier times when we did not have endoscopy and instrumentation and imaging.In this we have targeted surgery. Prior to the surgery, on CT scan imaging, we are able to see the areas which we specifically need to target and on surgery we are able to address those areas so this minimizes the time for the surgery as well as the complications

Curofy: What have been the healthcare advancements in ENT in the past 20 years?
It’s been changing very fast. Now we have just come out of a session where they were showing us the newer robotic surgery and how the robots are going to evolve and do the surgery for us.
Curofy: Do you believe in robotic surgeries in ENT specialty as there is so much precision is required?
As we were just told by those who have some experience in robotic surgeries, that it’s not foolproof. Even after feeding all the coordinates on the imaging, they found that the robot could vary by a millimeter or so, and in ENT surgery that could mean damaging the facial nerve and causing facial paralysis. So it’s still not as good as the precision of the hand in ENT surgery.
Curofy: Do you think the healthcare apps like Curofy which have just come up are a way forward?
Of course they help in spreading the communication amongst all the doctors, so definitely they would help in spreading knowledge also.
Meet  the Expert series connects Curofy users to top doctors, who have excelled in their field of work. The aim is to enable a channel for our readers to learn from their experiences on and ask meaningful queries to them related to their career or a critical case.
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