Today, Curofy connects you to world renowned dermatologist Dr Rashmi Sarkar who elaborates on progress in the dermatology industry expanding rapidly.  (Womens Dermatology Society).

Curofy: What are your plans for women’s dermatology society going forward in next 2-3 years?

What we have is women’s dermatology society which is a US based society. That is how it started, It had two international group one was the European group and we are the second group and we are called the Joint dermatology society, Indian women’s dermatology society. We are the second largest international group and what we try is to have big national conference and we try to have one session which is semi scientific and more of networking where we get to know each other. It is about woman being mentors, teachers and friends. Here lot of people get to meet each other know each other, You also manage to meet people who act like your mentors.

Curofy: Can you throw some light on your professional journey so far.

That’s a long journey, I have done my MBBS from GMC Ludhiana and MS from PGI Chandigarh I am an alumni from there. I have worked in several
places and currently I am working in MAMC New Delhi. It was a journey from an AP to a professor, I have around 20 years of teaching experience and gradually I have build up & now I have publications. We have our own pigmentation disorder association society, joint women’s dermatology society. We managed to have a general on board and much more. I have managed to get many people to have international membership scholarships, I am the first one on this post.

Curofy: Does the society offer any fellowships?

Yes it has international grands to go to American dermatology society do fellowships and we also have cartier development programmes for women who are in middle of their career. There is a lot you can get from the society.

Curofy: Is there any clarity on what kind of travel arrangements can be done?

You just have to go to and you will find all the things there. There are brochures also from where you can get all information.

Curofy: Indian deramtology generals are known for there high impacts internationally. So what are your suggestions to learners regarding what they should add in their research articles ?

It just have to be original. It is simple to start with original, precise does not have to be a high-fi idea and it should be useful and truthful. You should follow all publication ethics more ethical it is the better it will be for your curriculum and career. And you will be recognized later in life.

Curofy: Views regarding delhi dermatology.

It is the next big step. Actually it is already there. It is very useful for doctors far away to connect. We already have so some things on Delhi dermatology like on whatsapp which is surely going to come up. It is already there is many parts of country and I am very sure about its upcoming as well.

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