Today, Curofy connects you to Dr R C Arya, a Senior Consultant Max Hospital Gurgaon, with keen interest in arthroscopy  as he talks about how this specialty is chosen by very few doctors, the struggle he did to reach this position.

Curofy: How did you choose orthopedics?

To be a surgeon since I had been living in a very small town, I came to Delhi and did my pre medical from Delhi university and got selected in MAMC and then there I developed interest in orthopedics and following that I developed interest in arthoscopy very difficult though but it was a new specialty coming up that time, hardly anybody in India was doing so i got my training in orthopedics then senior resident and did small fellowship of 6 months in Australia and there i loved arthoscopy. It is long time back may be 93-94 around 20 years back. When i came back to Delhi nobody was doing arthoscopy, there were 1-2 people senior to me who were doing in addition to other work so when i came back i had a rush in my mind that i will only do arthoscopy. Everybody said that it is not right, you can not do it survive you will not able to do it. But then i started doing arthoscopy from last 16-17 years and only arthoscopy. All other orthopedics surgeons also do joint replacement and all other work also but i only do arthoscopy.

Curofy: What are the challenges that you face in this field?

Learning is very difficult, learning curve is long in arthoscopy and equipment is expensive and were not there in hospitals and I had to beg borrow money and buy everything and that is how we started. Now ofcourse in last 8-10 years arthoscopy has really grown as speciality. When i started it was only me gradually all over the world shoulder arthoscopy is done and now knee and shoulder are almost equal. Sports injury and many other injuries of knee and shoulder are known but gradually ankle, elbow and hip arthoscopy are coming up. In another 5-10 years probably arthoscopy will also change as the number of people doing this specialty is expanding .

Curofy: Are there any particular courses offered in this specialty?

Now everything is there, when we were there we just had to go out but now in India every month some or the other state is conducting courses and now many courses are available in India which were earlier available only outside. In Chennai and Bangalore there are few arthroscopy techniques equipment companies conducting courses every or every two months, basic course and advance course in arthroscopy in knee and shoulder. So now younger ones coming up have lot more opportunities

Curofy: What is your message to young orthopedics who are pursuing arthroscopy as their specialty?

If you have interest then only pursue because learning curve is much longer and also expensive. You need atleast 20 lakhs to start arthroscopy in small hospitals and in big hospital where you have better instrument you need almost 50 lakhs to a crore.
Curofy: A controversial question about cuts in implants?

I do not do Joint Replacements & other Orthopedic Surgeries and cuts are not there in arthroscopy ,so making money out of cuts is not there in Arthroscopy .

Meet the Expert series connects Curofy users to top doctors, who have excelled in their field of work. The aim is to enable a channel for our readers to learn from their experiences and ask meaningful queries to them related to their career or a critical case. Dr R C Arya will be happy to take selective follow up queries from Curofy users.
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