Today, Curofy connects you to Dr Mahesh Verma IMM, Past President HO to understand his views on the dental industry and various issues like growing need of jobs.

Curofy: Sir, you are the principal of the most esteemed dental Institution in India for dental health and science, please tell us how has your journey been?

It has been a long journey, I have been here for 31 years. It has been a very satisfying and a happy journey in sense of fulfillment and at the end I get internal satisfaction. More so when we have grown over the years as a team & not as just individuals, it is the profession and when the profession gets recognized i think everybody gets recognized. We are all part of a bigger picture which is our profession.

Curofy: Do you find any difference in teaching style of government and private colleges?

Primarily it is the clinical teaching also the private institutions are set up in suburban areas and for health care the location is most important, because they have to create an infrastructure, buy land around 5 acres so they go away from the city and when you go away from the city you don’t have access to that many patients so it is probably the cause that patients are not enough. Most of the private institutions have enough admissions so the student patient ratio also comes down so I think primarily that is the issue

Curofy: As the past president of IDA so what are the changes that you notice?

IDA has come a long way from a small group of professionals and today it has become the voice of profession and we have nearly 75,000 dentist’s and we have members all over the country. This is one organization where we have presence all over. IDA has grown in size, structure, in carrying out activities for professionals for public for members for welfare so i think there has been a lot of activities that are done in last 10-15 years. It has grown as an organization that has substance that has energy lot of activities and lot of actions.

Curofy: Dental health is a major concern but still there is lot of lack of knowledge, who do you think is responsible?

Basically awareness , unfortunately dental problems are not viewed as fatal so people can compromise but they do not realize that losing a tooth or a bad mouth can actually generate a lot of problems. You only realize it once you are affected by it and if you are not affected then it does not matter losing a tooth so that is the major reason, according to me.

Curofy: Any words of wisdom for budding dentist’s.

Most of the budding dentist feel how dentistry is saturated ,there are no jobs but I don’t think so. I think most of the young dentist’s should emphasize on learning and once you excel you can do anything and sky is the limit for you. Problem is that there must be some issues like they may not be confident, they may not be experienced enough, leading them to think there are fewer opportunities. Also, jobs in the government sectors are very few which leaves them with the only option to set up their private practice.

Curofy: Do you think the social media app like curofy where doctors are sharing knowledge are a way forward for doctors?

These are very potent vehicles to learn and to understand. Today on social media, on internet, so much of information is available. Only thing is we have to retrieve that information and gain from it. And there is also lot if information that is useless so we have to use it very smartly what is right for you what works for you all procedure is shown so I think they are a great resource which youngsters; in fact everyone, can exploit it.

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