What makes a good share on LinkedIn

As you know LinkedIn is a professional networking site where you build your personal brand. So you need to carefully consider associating posts that could be controversial with your name. Here we have talked about the kinds of content you should post and those you should pause and think twice about before sharing.

The content you should post:

  1. Medical news: Did you come across a really great article relevant to healthcare? Then LinkedIn is a great place to share this type of news and spark a discussion. But, make sure that you read the whole article before sharing it.
  2. Carrer updates: If you have received an award or honour, participated in a professional event or attended a community function, then don’t hesitate to share it.
  3. Ask for help: Your LinkedIn connections include people with a vast collection of knowledge, talent and expertise. If you have a problem related to your career or if you want to discuss any case, then tap into your rich network of professionals.

The content you should not post:

  1. Emotional and personal content: It is better to discuss emotional and personal content on LinkedIn, as LinkedIn is not the right platform for these discussions.
  2. Political and religious post: You should avoid sharing these topics on your LinkedIn profile, not because these topics are not important or newsworthy, but because these topics have the ability to create a lot of controversies.


Reference: https://mindsetdigital.com/guide-posting-content-linkedin/

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