LinkedIn groups doctors should follow

Social media has always been a tricky segment for doctors. There are few elements of social networking that offer significant value to the medical profession, but there are also plenty of elements that are just there to waste time. The major problem faced is that the social networking app often gets infiltrated with people who have alternate reasons for getting involved, such as trying to sell medical equipment to doctors or healthcare administrators.

So, it becomes very important to find useful groups you can join who will offer valuable information and contacts. Here are few suggestions:

  1. Medical devices group: To keep yourself updated with the medical technology, its good to follows the largest medical equipment group. This group also discusses international health care policy innovations.
  2. Medical Information group: This group deals with a broad range of issues that include policy discussions as well as discussions about treatment and research needs.
  3. Medical Insight Inc: This is an interesting group which keeps you updated with the latest in home remedies.
  4. Medical practice management: This is a good group for healthcare administrators and managers to join because it deals with everything from insurance claim issues to staffing problems etc.
  5. Digital Health: This group lives to discuss the many new ways which mobile computing devices are helping to enhance medical treatment, research and policies.




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