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  1. Chest X Ray of a 62 year old patient with metastatic phyllodes tumor. Patient presented with left pleural effusion and sepsis. Currently in the ICU. Primary was resected 3 years back and there is no LRR.




Accepted Answer

Primary pathology – malignant phyllodes (more than 20 Mitotic figures per HPF). Mets confirmed by CT guided tru cut biopsy of the lung lesion. Effusion also shows malignant cells


2.  pt age 40 no H/o diabetes, hptn,c /o itching 2month, please spot diagnosis and treatment


Accepted Answer

inea Cruris, topical antifungal agents, with oral anti fungal agents, personal hygiene


3. 60 years old male who was recently diagnosed with CHF. His chest X-ray is showing a classical finding. Can you spot it ?



Accepted Answer

phantom tumour


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