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Accepted Answer

hypothyroidism and obesity may present like this…

2. M/80, TRUS CORE PROSTATIC BIOPSY WITH PSA>100, core biopsy taken from different 6 region of prostate from rt.and left paramedian anterior,post,lateral region..

prostatic adenocarcinoma


Accepted Answer

prostatic adenocarcinoma..Gleason score 6


3.  A lady had GBS 2 yrs back. Only sensory involvement was there. Now she is fully recovered but she us having diabetes and thyroid so on metformin and after GBS the muscle wasting has increased. She cant take protien powder because otherwise here uric acid level increases.  Now how to imrpove muscle bulk along with the intake of metformin. 

Accepted Answer

again plant sources of proteins like sprouts are poor converters to uric acid, u shld give that …



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