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  1.  It is a case of 30 years old male having eczema from last 6 years please advice treatment 



Accepted Answer

I think application of leech on that part for some days.and also medicine like aarogyavardhini and gandhak rasayan


3.  19 year old lady with fever for 4 days and skib lesions over neck and face. vaccination history complete. tlc 10800 and urine examination normal. what could be the cause of these lesions


Accepted Answer

chickenpox. . . ask h/o contact. . . tab. acyclovir 800 mg 4 times in day. . . isolation. . . symptomatic treatment. . . maintain hydration. .

3 During my routine work I come across several cases of pem especially marasmus or undernutrion.I have tried several measures to eradicate this condition by way of supplements especially protein iron folicacid and multivitamins and zinc too but the problem persists.I work in gov’t setup.Can anyone tell me anything new to try in this regard and help abandon this menace from the society globally.


Accepted Answer

Soya bean and egg are good source protien, which are easily available and cost effective too.


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