What keeps us going? What is it that gives us that energy to go that extra yard? Well, yes. Wealth and even accolades. But it’s in the aspiration of everyone to get recognized. To own that limelight. Who has not dreamt of holding the MOM trophy and delivering that thank you speech? It is this thirst of being a notable member of the community/society/country, drives each one of us forward.

Click Here to vote for your favourite Doctor of 2016. #DOY16

Doctors in our country have an arduous task of treating patients in meagre of facilities. Compassion is their weapon of choice. Enduring inefficiencies and lack luster infrastructures and yet be compassionate to your patients cannot be easy. Some are fortunate to make it into the swanky hospital setups. However, their quest only starts there. To differentiate himself from the rest of the crowd, he needs to discover major breakthroughs in his field. And that’s not easy either.

With DOY16, we want to bring doctors to the forefront and give them their due limelight. Its time doctors get the lime light and vote for their favourite doctor. With DOY16, we want the doctors to feel excited. With DOY16, we want the doctors to get recognized again.

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