Despite the fact that medicine is the most respected profession in India, it is a failure on the part of society that more often than not, doctors do not get paid in proportion to their hard-work. Also, the alarming rate of unemployment  among doctors is a matter of serious concern. The graduates who flunk FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination)  add to the number of unemployed doctors in the country. Since the efforts towards making the society more aware of this failure haven’t met with much success, we present top 5 ways for doctors to earn extra income.

1. Virtual Consultation

The digital media has penetrated the healthcare sector for good, with a number of websites and awesome platforms (like Curofy), available to doctors, the information transaction has become more streamlined than ever before. There are various virtual consultation websites available that pay doctors for their diagnosis/consultation. The best part about the virtual consultation is that it is location independent. Some of these websites charge a nominal monthly subscription fee, but that shouldn’t be an issue as the returns are big and assured.

2. Doing house-call

There are thousands of doctors who are doing house calls and the number is constantly getting higher. Moreover, hospitals and insurers are pushing more doctors to do house visits as a way of reducing the number of re-admissions. This can reduce the hassle for those hospitals who need bed space. While there are various companies who offer this service, we suggest working as a freelancer as it offers better income than working for a company.

3. Earning while on vacation

The easiest way for doctors to earn extra income is to earn while on vacation. For instance Cruise, ship companies are hiring Doctors to jump on board for whatever the amount of length of the trip is all covered by the company in exchange you putting in a few hours each day as a ship’s doctor. There are various online blogs that present a complete scenario of the application process, requisites and the life at a cruise.

4. Nursing Home

A lot of nursing homes are hiring part-time doctors to assist nurses for the elderly patients. As a doctor part-time job, you can earn as much as ₹12 lakhs a year and as little as ₹6 lakhs a year depending on how much invested you are on your hours. If you plan on doing a full-time job and your main job, you should apply as a Medical Director for the nursing home; income can range from ₹12 lakhs to ₹50 lakhs per year. Surely a nice way for doctors to earn extra income.

5. Supervising NP and PA

Since many Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants are coming out to open their own clinics, there is an imminent need to have more onsite doctors. There have been many raging debates about the need for doctors supervising the work of NPs and Pas. Doctors don’t have to spend a majority of their time in the day at the office, only a few hours is usually what it takes and won’t require showing up every day being that the doctor is on call in case of emergencies.

Easy, weren’t they? Share this with your doctor friends and do let us know what else can be added to the list.

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