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  1. male 68/ breathing difficulty 4 day

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Accepted Answer

rt sided tension pneumothorax with collapse rt lung with features of copd


2.  9 month old female child presented with c/o of swelling and pain at both foot .on examination redness and small blisters present at the dorsum of toes of both finger .pt mother has the same problem my diagnosis is raynods phenomenon plz gave your expert opinion about diagnosis and treatment for this age of patient.

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Accepted Answer

Congenital primary lymphedema , rule out milroy disease


3.  30 f c/of pain and swelling in elbow since 3 months. swelling rapidly increased in size.severe tenderness..globular swelling, no line of demarcation .no trauma. no familial history. diagnosis?

edited now 1


gct …fibrous cortical defect


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