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1 Spot diagnosis? Hint- shawl sign seen

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Accepted Answer

heliotrope rash…DM


 2 12yr/f child admitted fr Typhoid inj Amox 300 inj Genta 40 tab PCM tds kindly opine on addition of drugs .. pt. is under Govt hosp. so limited medication available



Accepted Answer

inj ciprofloxacin sy azithromycin as per weigh 10 mg / kg


3 G2A1 at 16 weeks GA presented with BP 210/130 mm Hg, urine albumin ++++, serum creatinine 2.6, uric acid 4.6 with c/o headache & vomiting, USG on same day showing 16.3 wks intrauterine single live fetus with good cardiac activity & normal amniotic fluid level. patient’s previous prescriptions shows her normotensive. what will b d proper line of management?


Accepted Answer

as per definition, this is a case of ch HTN with superimposed preeclampsia.Better terminate pregnancy as her BP is very high &also renal parameters are high,imminent symptoms &a long way to reach viability. Better to investigate for A PLAS &renal pathology ,SLE in interval period.

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