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1 month back a small boil occurred now itching and this type


Accepted Answer

Infected eczematoid dermatitis(IED)


50 year male with no underlying medical illness presents with  two year history of recurrent tongue discomfort. The lesions on tongue disappear on symptomatic treatment with topical steroids, but reappear again once the application is stopped… Systemic examination is grossly normal.. Local examination as in photograph. How to manage recurrent glossitis? Geographic tongue


Accepted Answer

Geographic tongue, also termed ‘benign migratory glossitis’, is a common condition which usually affects the dorsal surface of the tongue. It is characterized by patches of depapillation and erythema bordered by a whitish peripheral zone. These patches give the tongue the appearance of a map, hence the name. Unlike glossitis due to nutritional deficiencies and anemia, the lesions of geographic tongue move around the tongue over time. This is because in geographic tongue, new areas of the tongue become involved with the condition whilst previously affected areas heal, giving the appearance of a moving lesion. The cause is unknown and there is no curative treatment. Rarely are there any symptoms associated with the lesions, but occasionally a burning sensation may be present, which is exacerbated by eating hot, spicy or acidic foods.

39,male , inferior wall MI , s/p thrombolysis with STK. What is this rhythm? What to do next?

Accepted Answer

Post thrombolysis AIVR ADV. CAG


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