Starting today, doctors throughout the country share their unforgettable moments from the time they started learning and practicing medicine. From moments like that of handling an emergency alone to times when they got too attached to a patient, we bring to you various experiences by doctors in the “Campus Nostalgia” series. 

A pathologist from Hindu Rao Hospital, shares one of her funny incident which took place in the metro just before her practical. A student from UCMS that time, she decided to take the metro to her college and was very nervous for the practical. Life as we know, is full of surprises and she herself got a first hand experience of this.

Being a normal medical student who was giving her first practical, was continuously studying in the metro when a lady entered at kashmiri gate and sat next to her in the metro. She saw her studying so much, that out of anxiety the lady politely asked her what’s the matter child. She said that she is having her 3rd year final practical and is a MBBS student in UCMS. She told the lady that she is really scared for the viva specially the one that a external would take cause they have 2 vivas out of which one is taken by the HOD of the department and other by an external examiner. The lady asked her to relax and just believe in herself.

Both of them got out down at Jhil mil metro station. Then she suddenly asked the lady where is she going. The lady replied that one of her relative lives near to that metro station only. After talking to the lady, she felt really boosted up and an inner confidence developed in her. She found that lady being very calm, composed, elegant and loving. She was really impressed by her. She then took a rickshaw to her college. Then was the time for practical and then viva.

Soon, she was done with her practical and only the last viva that was to be taken by the external was left. It was her turn now and gaining the courage she went inside the chamber of the examiner. She opened the door and asked for the permission to enter the room. As she entered the room, she saw the same lady she met on the metro sitting there and to her surprise she only was the external examiner. It was a moment of astonishment for her. Her viva went awesome and she felt so blessed that day that it’s very hard for to express it in words.

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