Author: Sudip Chhatui

Generic vs Branded: 73% Doctors oppose push for generic drugs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had recently put forward a disruptive policy prescription in the healthcare segment, which says that Doctors will now be required to prescribe generic formulations of medicines, as opposed to specific brands. The survey shared exclusively with TOI by Curofy, a social networking app for doctors, says the decision seems to lack a well thought out plan, and could “affect patient health”. Soon after the Prime Minister’s push for a law mandating doctors to prescribe medicines with their generic names instead of brands, 73% doctors surveyed across the country have opposed the decision, citing concerns about...

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DOY’16 unveils the true heroes of 2016

DOY’17 was an aim to find the favourite doctor of 2016 the doctors themselves. What we ended up with was far more relevant and worthwhile. We unearthed not one but almost 1000 of them. Yes, there will be a winner but that cannot overshadow the response we have got. We have realised that being the favourite doctor is not only about skill and accomplishment but it is also about making a mark in the lives they touch. Congrats to all the winners and nominees. In our books, you all are...

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#DOY16 : Quest to Find the India’s favourite Doctor

What keeps us going? What is it that gives us that energy to go that extra yard? Well, yes. Wealth and even accolades. But it’s in the aspiration of everyone to get recognized. To own that limelight. Who has not dreamt of holding the MOM trophy and delivering that thank you speech? It is this thirst of being a notable member of the community/society/country, drives each one of us forward. Click Here to vote for your favourite Doctor of 2016. #DOY16 Doctors in our country have an arduous task of treating patients in meagre of facilities. Compassion is their weapon...

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Recruiting doctors shouldn’t be this hard. There is a better way

Healthcare is taking a giant leap forward. And it is the digital wave that has hit them hard. It has shown them the vagaries of their current operations and the economics of future. The excitement , the inquisitiveness, the anxiety is very apparent amongst all the stakeholders across all their verticals. The inevitability of a major disruption has already taken shape. Adoption and time are two major roadblocks towards that impending future. One such vertical is healthcare recruiting. An industry in itself, healthcare recruiting has been a sluggish run of the mill exercise for long. Personal contacts, scattered agencies...

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Famous Senior Doctors on Curofy

Doctors are revered all around the world. Not only he/she puts in long hours day and day out, the outcome of their hard work translates to saving of actual lives. And dare I say, no profession in the world boasts of a more challenging everyday routine.  While each and every doctor is great in his/her own rights, we believe that there are some doctors who completely revolutionize the medical profession to serve the society better. Among the 190,000 doctors that Curofy has, there are numerous doctors who with their persistent efforts and strong determination have achieved true mentor status...

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