Author: Nabeel Khalid Siddiqui

100,000 doctors on Curofy, A win for Healthcare

There are times when you want to scream your lungs out. Some milestones are that special. This is one such euphoric moment for us. We have crossed the mark of 100,000 doctors on our platform. We achieved this milestone in just 18 months. Congratulations are in order but not just for Curofy but also for the entire healthcare industry. Curofy, a start-up with a vision ‘To become the Digital World of Doctors’ and to make the doctors more efficient on the everyday basis, started this journey with the aim to help the doctors throughout the country. A mission to achieve something not...

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Just Doctors or Digital Doctors

In the age where innovation and technology have surpassed the essentials of old times, doctors are transforming from old school prescription writers to digital doctors. Just like the world, even they had to adapt to the change in order to stay afloat the technological tide. Change, Why Not? Heraclitus of Ephesus also known as the ‘dark’ philosopher by his contemporaries, so-called because his writings were so difficult to understand, once said, “change is the only constant in life.” A quote which took generations to be understood has finally taught people its significance. In today’s society, the pace of change is immensely...

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Doctors or Entrepreneurs, Why not both?

Doctors Or Entrepreneurs? Entredoctors or doctorpreneurs, sounds a little funny and unusual doesn’t it? Well, what else would you call a doctor who is also an entrepreneur? Only Doctors or Entrepreneurs, who has an answer for this? Many of you would already be wondering that how medicine and commerce are even related or why would a doctor become and entrepreneur or why is the sky blue or why is blood red? Well, just like the latter questions, the former ones also have a logical explanation. How did it start? Accounting, finance, strategy, marketing, and management have been critical in...

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Top 5 apps for Doctors to go DIGITAL

According to a research from Gartner, the number of mobile phones shipped last year puts the number of computers shipped to shame — 1.8 billion versus 300 million— It’s easy to say, everyone, including doctors, is living in a mobile world and surfing the apps tide. “mHealth” a term which didn’t even exist a few years ago is now what’s trending, and both the patients and doctors are reaping its benefits. Patients are no longer shy of adopting health tracking apps and wearing fitness measuring technology like Fitbit, and savvy physicians have acknowledged the fact that their life will get a...

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East V/s West, Are Their Doctors Any Different

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. It must be a long journey for our natural source of light. This is something that we all learned in our school days and is still embedded in the back of your minds. The distance not only separated the massive landmasses but also gave rise to different cultures. These cultures eventually blended into the professionals and the way they worked. Doctors were no different. Who could’ve thought that saving lives would be so different in the west as compared to the east? The guardians of health face many...

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