Author: Ehab Ashraf

The top 3 courses after MBBS

  If your search engine history is filled with searches related to “courses after MBBS”, “PG Diploma courses in medicine” and “jobs options after MBBS” then this article is tailor-made for you. Today we shall strive to resolve all kinds of doubts and anxiety regarding your post-MBBS days. Although you can directly plunge into practice immediately after your 5.5 years stint at your college it is advisable to carry on a little further with academics just to make yourself more distinguished in your field. As a doctor, having a MBBS degree is not enough in the 21st century. The...

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Case discussions on Curofy : Malignant Phyllodes & more

Curofy in its endeavor to bring doctors on this collaborative platform, brings to you a glimpse of the case discussions on diseases that happen on the app and the lives that are getting saved in the process. This post features diseases like Malignant phyllodes, phantom tutor and Inea Curs. With more than 60 thousand doctors from more than 350 cities in the country, Curofy has become the go to app for doctors to seek second opinion or to stay updated Chest X Ray of a 62 year old patient with metastatic phyllodes tumor. Patient presented with left pleural effusion...

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The New Technologies in the Field Of TB Diagnosis

India is currently home to about more than 1.2 billion people among whom 2.2 million people develop the disease. According to numbers presented by WHO, almost 40 percent of the Indian population is infected with TB bacteria but only about 20 percent have the active form of the disease. Hence the other people who have the latent form of the disease become carriers of the same. Almost 0.5 million people succumb to this easily treatable disease each year. among the affected, 75 percent of the patients are in the economically productive age group which means every death can be...

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