Author: Dr Supriya Tiwari

Why should lifestyle medicine be an important part of every doctor’s practice?

The biggest challenge for a fresh pass out-doctor in India is that we are suddenly exposed to the variety of fields, unlimited opportunities and a chaotic mind with most of us seeing PG entrance exam as ‘the one’. Sure, an important criterion is your rank in entrance exam but the bigger challenge I think is to decide – Which is that one field that excites you the most? What genuinely makes you happy? What is it that interests you in learning about it? Because no matter what you do, with or without PG, you have to be very clear...

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A good doctor!

When I was asked to write on Curofy, I was obviously delighted because it’s one of the most popular platform among doctors in India but then a real mind-boggling began – I didn’t know how to start? Writing here meant reaching a hundreds and thousands of other doctors who are far on their journey of medicine and while I am just starting but last week, on one of the social media platform, I was asked a very basic question which inspired me to write this article: Why do you think you can be a good doctor? Now this is a question with many possible answers because every doctor have their own unique reason, so I came up with a few genuine ones – I can be a good doctor because : I intend to become one. Intention matters. Period. I am ready to work for > 80 hours per week. Most residents and starting doctors go up to >105 hours per week. This is an important consideration because if you don’t enjoy your work, you can’t be good at it. Investing so much of yourself has to come from something bigger than ‘just a job’. I am passionate about medicine. Being there for my patients is above everything else – Family/Friends and sometimes even my own kids. And I don’t mind being a student for rest of my life. These few reasons are invariably a part of every (good) doctor’s life. But as...

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