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5 ways to step up patient interaction

For doctors patient interaction is a key factor in determining the course, duration and outcome of a medical treatment. When a patient approaches a doctor for help, it immediately places the physician in a position of power. Patient are supposed to open up with their most intimate details and shed their inhibitions for the physical examination. While this position of power and complete surrender of patient helps a lot of times in diagnosing the diseases and comprehensive examination, it also leaves the patient feeling exposed with a developed mistrust for the doctor. When the doctor patient interaction is only one...

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Caring for our Caregivers

Being a doctor has historically been a stressful job. There is a common myth in the society that doctors live a cushy life once they have their degrees and also the misconceived notion that they make a lot of money once they are out of college.   What most people don’t know is the number of hours that doctors spend being who they are. Working 60-80 hours a week in hospitals, managing private practices, dealing with the pressure of interacting multiple patients with numerous symptoms and having next to no sleep it’s no wonder that physicians have little to...

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Top 5 Roadblocks to a Healthier India

In the World health report of World health organisation; India ranks at 112, in a list of 190 countries. This points out at the obvious lack of development in medical sector as well as the apathy of government towards the well being of it’s citizens. The land of Yoga which once held the secrets of good health and longevity is now riddled with innumerable health issues. It won’t be right to blame the system or the doctors for it completely. As citizens and an individual we owe the responsibility of our health as much as anyone. So here are...

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TB Anywhere is TB everywhere

India is a land of 1.2 billion people, with 2.2 million of them suffering from active Tuberculosis. A country where your chances of contracting TB are higher than finding a toilet. Almost 40%of our population  is infected with Tubercle Bacillus, either in active or latent form. We are a nation which is growing by leaps and bounds and has gained attention of international community, but are we losing the war at home against TB?   It’s not that our government has not done anything to counter this menace.   Government of India has an ongoing national TB programme since...

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Is India ready for its own Bell’s Commission?

Sleep: It puts even the most powerful men on their back. Whether a person is a daily wage labourer or CEO of a multinational company, sleep doesn’t differentiate. Everyone needs to clock a set number of hours on the bed. But in today’s fast-paced life, where everyone wants to get ahead of time, somewhere sleep is being compromised. To achieve a certain standard of living we are working for inhuman hours and sacrifice our health. When sleep fails, health declines, in return poor sleep and bad health decreases the quality of life and take happiness away. Doctors all over the...

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