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What makes a good share on LinkedIn

What makes a good share on LinkedIn As you know LinkedIn is a professional networking site where you build your personal brand. So you need to carefully consider associating posts that could be controversial with your name. Here we have talked about the kinds of content you should post and those you should pause and think twice about before sharing. The content you should post: Medical news: Did you come across a really great article relevant to healthcare? Then LinkedIn is a great place to share this type of news and spark a discussion. But, make sure that you...

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Must have things in Doctor’s LinkedIn profile

Must have things in Doctor’s LinkedIn profile LinkedIn is the most used social networking app by doctors. In India, around 70,000 medical practitioners are on LinkedIn. While social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for engaging patients and attracting new business, the benefits of LinkedIn revolve more around professional development. If used potentially, LinkedIn has many advantages which make the doctor professionally and personally strong. However, to achieve this portraying you on LinkedIn through your profile is a very important criterion. A complete LinkedIn profile receives 40 times more engagement than profiles containing basic job descriptions and...

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5 Misconceptions about Oral cancer

5 misconceptions about oral and oropharyngeal cancer Screening of every patient older than 18 for oral and oropharyngeal cancer in a dental practice is a must. Taking the time to screen each patient is the only way that we as a profession can make an impact on oral cancer survival rates.Whether screening actually prolongs the survival rate from onset of the disease is not something that can be tangibly measured, but we do know that earlier discovery reduces morbidity that is a result of onerous and challenging treatment options.The visual and tactile oral cancer screening examination does not pose...

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Hepatitis C is a pediatric disease now

The baby looked perfect: healthy term male, weight at the 60th percentile, normal exam. The mother, a 26-year-old diagnosed with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection during her pregnancy, looked alternately hopeful and horrified as I explained what implications her infection could have for her baby. “Most babies will be fine,” I explained. “Of all mothers with hepatitis C infection, just under 6% will pass the infection on to their babies.” Transmission rates are twice as high in infants born to women with high HCV viral loads or those coinfected with HIV. The risk of transmission from women with undetectable...

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Must Read Non Medical Books for Doctors

A doctor reads an ample number of books in his/her lifetime. Being in an ever-evolving profession they need to keep brushing their skills to have an edge over their peers. However, dealing with patients adds another dimension to their lives. A patient is not just a patient for them but a person with genuine feelings and sufferings. A doctor needs to take a real interest in patients as persons, truly enjoy getting to know them better, and experience genuine fellow feeling for those who are suffering. Such ability to feel the pain of the person sitting in front of...

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