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6 ways doctors can make the most out of LinkedIn

6 ways doctors can make the most out of LinkedIn LinkedIn is the world’s largest business oriented social media site. It gives a more professionally focused experience than any other social networks. LinkedIn sticks to the premise that you are connecting at a professional level, hence you avoid the pitfalls of other social platforms. In addition, it also provides you with the news feed and articles of your professional interest. LinkedIn profiles are ranked highest among the social media platforms. So, with the right strategy in place, doctors have the most to gain by properly using LinkedIn to market...

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Healthcare and Jugaad in India

Healthcare and Jugaad go hand in hand in India The Indian idea of ‘Jugaad’ which is otherwise called a creative improvisation is very much present in the society and plays a very critical role. The idea of ‘jugaad’ gels well with the poverty, varied geography and the poor infrastructure of the country. The people in India are extremely price sensitive and willing to experiment with frugal innovations in their day to day life which includes healthcare system. While talking about ‘juggad in healthcare system’, one thing that strikes my mind is the scene from a superhit Bollywood movie ‘3...

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