Author: Dr Aasha Annamalai


Iatrogenesis, derived from a Greek word meaning “brought forth by the healer”, is used to describe any negatives effects caused by the physician during healthcare. First do no harm” (primum non nocere), a part of the Hippocratic oath is the first lesson taught in medical school. Iatrogenic illness or death caused purposefully or by negligence is a punishable offence in many countries. Causes of iatrogenic illness are many. Negligence, anxiety, improper dosing, unnecessary and illegal prescriptions, nosocomial infections, faulty procedures, to name a few. A major iatrogenic catastrophe in the 19th century of puerperal sepsis outbreak in maternity wards,...

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Meet The Expert: Dr Mahesh Verma

Today, Curofy connects you to Dr Mahesh Verma IMM, Past President HO to understand his views on the dental industry and various issues like growing need of jobs. Curofy: Sir, you are the principal of the most esteemed dental Institution in India for dental health and science, please tell us how has your journey been? It has been a long journey, I have been here for 31 years. It has been a very satisfying and a happy journey in sense of fulfillment and at the end I get internal satisfaction. More so when we have grown over the years...

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Meet The Expert: Dr Vishesh Malhotra

Today, Curofy connects you to Dr Vishesh Malhotra, having over 29 years of experience in ENT. Apart from his own practice in Gurgaon, he is also practicing with Max Hospital, Gurgaon. He completed MBBS from JIWAJI University Gwalior in 1985, MS – ENT from JIWAJI University Gwalior in 1988 and PGCHM from NIHFW Delhi in 2006. Curofy: What are your key areas of interest in ENT? I have a keen interest in Functional Endoscopic Sinusitis Surgery (FESS). FESS is done for sinusitis which is age old and in this modality we get better outcomes as compared to earlier times...

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