1. Luxury Car

Ride your way to the hospital in style in your dream car. Own it. Become the subject of envy.

2. House

Let your house speak of royalty and ooze of magnificence. Build a palace for yourself.

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3. Travel Business Class

Want to have Butler dedicated to you on your next flight? or a Gourmet meal? It’s time you started traveling Business Class.

4. Travel Abroad

Travel in Gondola in Venice or the Glacier Express across Switzerland. Let 2017 be that year when you have multiple stamps on your passport.

5. I-Phone

You are a Doctor you need gadgets. Gadgets that symbolize style, statement and status. Just get the latest I-phone.


6. Own Setup

Unleash the entrepreneur in you and live life on your own terms.

7. Gift

Who doesn’t love a quiet household? It is always great to be in the good books of your better-half. Gift her a 2 Karat Diamond Solitaire or him a Rolex.

8. A Dream Physique/Figure

Let’s bring back the cliche. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Also, a six pack or figure zero draws both admiration and envy.

9. Dream Equipment

Own your dream equipment. The satisfaction of realizing a dream and treating your patients better is too much to miss out on.

Dreams often turn out be ephemeral happiness that’s often washed away by time. Hence let’s challenge you. Share this Wishlist with your friends and keep score of who is fulfilling what. After all peer pressure can really bring out the best in you.

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