Top 10 foreign courses that PGs in India should definitely opt for

When we were young we mostly assumed that clearing our medical entrance exams and getting into a respectable medical college was enough to secure our future and the future of medicine. Boy, could we be any more wrong!

In reality, medicine is more like a living being; it is forever evolving, changing with changing needs, developing new ways to facilitate life. So even practicing doctors are now required to keep with the latest trends of medicine. This includes new treatment procedures, medicinal compounds, clinical trials, discoveries and procedures.

An affordable alternative for all:

As easy as this may sound, it is impossible for any established doctor to leave his practice and go abroad to join any course to keep themselves updated with all the recent findings and researches. And as we all know, autodidactism is possible anywhere else except medicine where people’s lives depend on a doctor’s knowledge, expertise and experience. Reading up new material is of course beneficial but it is certainly not enough when it involves such an elephantine responsibility.


Hence multiple medical schools and colleges have come up with a brilliant alternative solution for all the Indian doctors who aspire to learn more with every passing day. many of the world renowned colleges and universities like Cardiff, The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and The University of Edinburgh offer long distance courses in different aspects of the vast subject to equip the Medical Post-Grads to perform better in their own specializations.

The scenario becomes much clearer if we try and categorize a few of these courses offered by such renowned universities online according to the different specializations.

  1. A Winning Course For Neurosurgeons and Neurologists:

neuroimaging for research


The Neuroimaging for Research is a course offered by University of Edinburgh for medical professionals all around the world. Although it is predominantly beneficial for Radiologists, Neurosurgeons and Neurologists, the benefits of this course are not limited to their specializations only. This course offers a working knowledge of current imaging techniques like MRI, CT-Scans and PET Scans along with the most recent innovations in the imaging techniques which give all doctors a better understanding of their patients’ ailments. Pursuing this course online can get a doctor a diploma or a certificate of professional development approved by Royal College of Radiologists. Anyone holding a post grad degree in any of the fields of medicine or already practicing medicine in any respectable institution of our country is eligible to apply for this long distance course online.

  1. A Step Forward To Advanced Surgical Practice:

Although it may sound bizarre and farfetched in reality, the faculty of Cardiff University has finally made it possible to hone your skills online as a surgeon. In fact this is the only online course which offers an inter-professional surgical and pre-operative care programs. At the end of a 2 years part time e-learning course you are eligible for a Masters degree in Advanced Surgical Practice. This is a program which has been constructed keeping practicing doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in mind who lack the amenities to travel abroad for acquiring new skills. All students can access the modules through Learning Central of Cardiff’s Virtual Learning Environment via all kinds of computers, laptops and mobile devices. So you can register for their courses online before their next session commences. You can opt for scholarships, funding or compete for awards in order to pay for your online tuitions. But the post graduate diploma course is authorized by the medical body of Cardiff University which makes it recognized in all countries of the world.

  • Catching Up With Critical Care:


Cardiff University pulls up another unique move with the e-learning option for the Critical Care course. This is open for all medical professionals, nurses and healthcare operatives. The multi-faceted course gives an immense opportunity to international students to interact with other medical professionals and experts from all around the world who specialize in caring for the critically ill. This provides students with the faculties which allow them to evaluate critical situations from evidence based perspectives. It is similar to teaching a multi-professional approach to a medical professional who wishes to specialize in critical care. This covers all necessary aspects of the same including law, ethics, quality of treatment, safety and other psychological aspects of momentary decision making on behalf of their critically ill patients. Since only 50 places are offered per session, all students interested in applying to Cardiff for their specialty online courses better hurry! Do not forget that these courses are certified by the university and you can earn a PG diploma by studying only 10-15 hours per week without leaving the comfort of your home.

  1. A Sneak Peek at Genomic and Precision Medicine:

precision medicine


This is an online course certified by University of California, San Francisco which is offered on an e-study platform called Coursera. Any medical professional with a comprehensive understanding of medicine and genetics can take a shot at this 2 month short course which takes you closer to genes and their powers. All learners can opt for an official certificate at the end of the course for as less as a few thousand rupees (INR). It is a cakewalk for the post grads who have dedicated 100 hours a week trying to stay ahead of their class. Acing this course takes only 1-3 hours of study per week and all lectures are available online for later consultations. Although Coursera is now a popular platform for learning new courses, it is also strictly informal. So if anyone wants to learn simply to satiate their unquenchable thirst for learning new techniques and theories, this is the best place for them.

  1. Defeating Diabetes:

Diabetes is one disease which has had the doctors and researchers in a frenzy for decades now. Every day new information and facts are being unearthed about the cause, symptoms and treatments of the disease. Diabetes is actually one of the most commonly occurring diseases in the world. Hence a lot of research is currently being conducted on the same. As a doctor, one must stay updated with all the subsequent findings of these researches. One way is to subscribe to all the research magazines and papers, and stay logged into your ResearchGate accounts 24×7. The other, easier way is to simply enroll for an online course which will teach you all about the most recent discoveries and inventions which will help ameliorating the effects of diabetes. The program which has been established by Cardiff University aims is equipping the healthcare professionals with a working knowledge of the clinical management and pathophysiology of the disease. Online material and discussion sessions help in understanding the key concepts of disease management. The students are also presented with real life case problems for strengthening their analytical approaches towards disease management. A number of optional modules are presented for people who are applying for their online diploma from Cardiff which includes insulin management, pediatric diabetes, insulin pump, diabetic foot disease, effects on pregnancy etc.

  1. Medical Toxicology Courses for General Medicine Doctors:

This course aims at promotion of critical thinking and problem solving. This course is offered to every doctor who has an interest in therapeutics, pharmacology and toxicology. All online part-time students can go for a PG Diploma certificate which consists of six simple 20 credit modules. The students are expected to diagnose and treat patients who suffer form poison ingestion, adverse reaction from food and medication after the completion of this short term course offered by the Department of Toxicology and Pharmacology at Cardiff University. The seats are limited and offered to deserving candidates on the basis of their previous performances and their applications. Since each intake starts in October the students are advised to start prepping from early June for online application procedures. The official certificates awarded at the end of these courses are recognized by all medical institutions across the world.

  • ChM in Urology from Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh:

This course targets the doctors and students who are in the final leg of their surgical training. The e-learning course is a mirror image of the FRCS curriculum which conforms to the UK Intercollegiate surgical curriculum. All interested candidates must apply online for an integrated learning experience which gives an insight to departments of oncology, urology and core academics. The excellent faculty list and the structure of the course has attracted the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education which awards deserving competitive students with funds to continue their studies with their current practices in medicine. The course takes only a few hours per week and only a few credit hours in the entirety for the completion of the diploma.

  • Diploma in Pain Management:

pain management


This course is recommended for all doctors irrespective of their specializations and is mandatory for dentists, psychologists and nurses. This course has a simple and concise program structure which helps in fast learning and understanding of the mechanisms, causes and management of pain in different people and situations. This is a completely online program offered by The University of Edinburgh which aims at imparting a complete knowledge regarding the psychological, theoretical, biological and social concepts which govern pain in an individual. The students are guided to understand the multifaceted nature of pain from pharmacological as well as non-pharmacological perspectives. This is in fact extremely beneficial for all who are interested in pursuing palliative care in the recent future. The level two course (post grad diploma) requires just 60 credits and about 10 hours per week of one’s time for completion. The certificate is affiliated by the University of Edinburgh and is recognized by all leading institutes specializing in medical sciences and studies.

  1. Primary Care Ophthalmology, an Advance Professional Course For Optometrists:

primary care opthalmology

Although multiple surveys conclude that ophthalmologists are the happiest doctors on the surface of the world who are utmost satisfied with their jobs even they are bugged by the thirst for knowledge. Since it is impossible to quit their current practice, the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has brought forth a completely online course in Primary Care Ophthalmology for all practicing optometrists. All teaching materials are delivered online via the University’s website in cooperation with the NHS Education for Scotland (NES). This also accelerates a doctor’s learning and preparation for the FRCS entrances and the course structure is in accordance with the leading universities of UK and Ireland. This is a professional development course which is taught by experienced professors, doctors, surgeons and tutors with specialized technical skills. All optometrists in India with a recognized Post Graduation certificate, a decent TOEFL/GRE score and a strong Statement of Purpose can apply for this course at the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh website.

  1. The Mechanisms of Wound Healing and Tissue Repair:

The main aim of this course is to enable the doctors to explore the analytics of developing theories about tissue repair and regeneration. This is a unique course which is offered by Cardiff University that encourages professionals from the fields of medicine, pharmacology, podiatry and nursing to explore the established and evolving theories of wound healing. The curriculum of this course offers a scope at critically examining the current practices and evaluating the methods of wound treatment and tissue repair. After the completion of this course one is able understand the nature of a wound, take the necessary steps for the treatment and management for rapid healing and also prevent any risks of sepsis in a highly prone environment. This course opens up a number of opportunities in India and abroad, as doctors with a post graduate diploma is wound healing are considered eligible for of emergency services in many cases. Enrolments start in September each year and invite thousands of applications from all round the world. Hence all medical professionals targeting this course should start sharpening their English language skills along with their knack for analytical thinking well before the admissions begin.

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