6 ways doctors can make the most out of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest business oriented social media site. It gives a more professionally focused experience than any other social networks. LinkedIn sticks to the premise that you are connecting at a professional level, hence you avoid the pitfalls of other social platforms. In addition, it also provides you with the news feed and articles of your professional interest. LinkedIn profiles are ranked highest among the social media platforms.

So, with the right strategy in place, doctors have the most to gain by properly using LinkedIn to market their practice, share their year of experience, to acquire knowledge and to get connected with colleagues in the industry. Here are few tips doctors can do using LinkedIn:

1. Setup a personal LinkedIn profile:

Creating a LinkedIn profile is essentially a digital translation of your CV. While doing this you should keep in mind that your profile should explain the breadth and depth of your experience.

Don’t forget to include any areas in which you or your practice specializes in, as well as any research papers you have authored. Last but not the least, your recognitions and achievements. The more completely you fill in your profile, the more likely you are to be found in searches.

2. Try to share knowledgeable content:

Share well-researched information, that others find helpful. You can even share videos and webinars through ‘share an update’ feature in LinkedIn.

Another beautiful feature of LinkedIn is that you can customize your updates based on seniority and role, industry, company or location. Be a regular visitor and post frequently on the professional networking app. You can even use visuals and text to highlight each aspect of your career path.

3. Follow your friends and peers :

You can start this by reaching out to your existing network of contacts. The next step of search should be done by using each network’s search feature for individuals in a similar role, industry or expertise. A good network will help you to meet other like-minded people to interact with.


4. Join LinkedIn groups that match your expertise

As a doctor, joining the LinkedIn group is a major plus. Explore the profiles of your friends or peers in your community and pay attention to the groups they have joined.

LinkedIn has the most benefits to offer doctors due to its professional nature and the vast network of like-minded experts interested in connecting with others.

5. Try to be accurate

Make sure that the information which you are sharing is accurate. The content shared should always be quality over quantity. This rule applies both to content sharing as well as the discussions in which you are participating.

6. Request recommendations

This feature of LinkedIn is actually very helpful for your practice. Your colleagues, friends and patients can recommend you for your good service.Getting started on LinkedIn can feel a little complicated, but after your profile gets established, you will get to know the benefits of it. Lastly, I would say LinkedIn is worth taking out some valuable time of yours and explore to see how it can benefit you professionally and personally.



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