Curofy started with a very simple aim to create an effective communication channel for the doctors that can out do the distance between them and the infrastructure they are practising in. To connect doctors of the tier 1 cities to the doctors in the rural locations so that patients can reap the benefits of a network that has the potential to diagnose terminal diseases together.

50,000 doctors connected through Curofy. 300 cases discussed everyday. #MakeInIndia
We are now connecting 50,000 doctors. Curofy network today is solving more than 300 cases in a day. And the promise is infinite. The growth story has been something to take pride in.

Early 2015
Right after the launch, we majorly concentrated on interacting with doctors individually and building on their feedback. We introduced new features and perfected the existing ones. Once we were ready with the both the versions of the product and gained initial traction, that’s when we started with marketing.

End 2015-2016
This is when doctors realized the promise of an engaged platform of doctors and we started adding 500 doctors on a daily basis. We reached a peak of 1500 doctors in a day. We are proud that we have been able to inculcate a certain level of tech-savviness in a community that has historically shied away from it with a product that is built ground up in India. #MakeInIndia

The Way ahead
We want to save lives. And we believe connecting doctors who are the focal point of the healthcare system can help solve the broken healthcare system. And we are only starting out.

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