The time one spends in the medical college becomes the most cherished period of a doctors life .
And the best part of these 5.5 year of MBBS/BDS are the holidays after each semester/professional exams.
After a year long of never ending lectures, hospital postings and the tortures of mid semester and professional exams, holidays come as a big relief. Well we at Curofy believe that no to-be should not miss on the fun and benefits of these holidays and hence we are sharing with you what we believe are the most efficient ways to spend them :


Yes, please forgive us, we didn’t want to add it but its like a bitter pill that you have to take whether you like it or not.
Pg entrance exams are the biggest hurdle that a medical student faces after MBBS and hence the earlier you buck up, the more ahead you will be in the race to your dream branch and college. Well, while we are at it, medical students can do it the fun way. With Curofy MCQ, they get access to high yield questions with answers explained comprehensively. And the best part. They can evaluate themselves w.r.t. their peers.

Additionally get guidelines of standard organisations like WHO, IAP, ACOG etc for references and community approved diagnosis of diseases.

Utilise your time maximally everyday by giving at least some hours everyday to this, being sincere and focused in those hours and utilising the best resources for maximum output.
We at Curofy will be helping you in that.

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2.INTERACT WITH DOCTORS and Enhance your Knowledge

The social networks like Curofy today gives you ample opportunity to interact with the best of doctors, learn from them and become acquainted with the real world. Holidays are the best time to do it. Connect with stalwarts and experts in your field of interest and see their activity. This is a great time to connect with your mentor and engage in a community. These connections will be of great help in days to come.

3. Outstation Trips

Yes, like all college gangs, medical students also go out to Kasauli, Goa and what not.
Trips with friends become memorable for life and must be undertaken at least once and if possible every chance you get because trust us, you will regret missing on them later. And like all other students, medical students too dream of bike rides to ladakh, attending Sunburn in Goa or even exploring God’s own country.

4. Spend time with your family

Hectic medical college schedule, hostel stays and long studying hours in library make us family deprived the entire year.These holidays provide the opportunity to spend lots of time with our family and not to forget the heavenly home cooked food.
Never miss on this guys, for a doctor as it is wont ever get enough time with his family in future too.

5. Get Fit

Terrible eating habits and long studying hours form a vicious cycle for medicos, getting most of them out of shape.
These holidays are a golden period to get in shape. So join a gym, go on morning walks, do yoga and get your body the replenishment it needs for another year of torture ahead.
Fitpass, Fitso and many other interesting apps exist there to help you in that.
What ever you do, you know Curofy is always with you on the go. Be it enhancing your knowledge or staying up to date with the latest in the medical world,

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