Social media is an awesome tool to get connected with hundreds and thousands of known and unknown people. Having strong social media presence is like increasing the number of arrows that point to your practice. But the use of social media is no guarantee of building a good reputation online. Many a times we have encountered cases where the health care service provider has not even realized where his digital efforts started taking the wrong turn. Here are a few tips to build your strong positive social media presence.

1) We know you are a doctor but be patient. It takes time and effort to build a good reputation online.
2) Know the right balance between using and over using the social media system.
3) Know the ground truth. Many a times caregivers forget to align to the target audiences taste.
4) Know the lobby. Every social media platform has a mood set to receive information. Know what’s the best carrier for your information.
5) Know when is the right time. Every day is a good day but for right social media presence one needs to strike at the right time.

In nutshell being socially active is hard to define, difficult to maintain and impossible to fake for a long time. So be sure you use the right tools and methods to spend your time wisely and get the best results.

The author is a brand consultant and an expert in doctor patient engagement consulting. He is also a founder of Healthyalways an online portal dedicated to doctor patient engagement

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