What is better than having a website? Well, the answer is to tell the world about it.

Here are 5 places where you can showcase your Curofy personal website and advertise your online residence.

1. Facebook

 Facebook is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about social media. You can add your website to your profile and whenever someone will visit your profile, will be tempted to visit your website as well.
How can you showcase your Curofy Personal Website on Facebook?
  • Go to your time-line on facebook
  • Click on the About section
  • Click on the contacts and Basic Info Section
  • Click on Add a Website to add your personal website

2. Visiting Cards

 How many doctors have their website mentioned on their visiting cards? Start a new trend and let people contact you not only through phone and mail but also through your website. Become a trendsetter.

3. E-mail Signature  

Make your e-mails look more professional by adding your website to your e-mail signature and provide all the means to contact you. To get an awesome email signature, go to http://www.wisestamp.com. Claim your free signature and add url of your personal website to it.

4. Blog

 After reading what you have written and being moved or enlightened, people tend to get curious about the author. Provide the readers with the link to your website where they can get to know more about you. Write the name and your personal website at the end of each post

5. LinkedIn –

A place for all the corporates to connect, let the business world know more about you without saying anything. Make a statement. With addition to your linkedin profile, your personal website is an added credibility for your online presence. Visit your profile and on the right-hand side, there is an option called Contact Info. Click on the button and click on Add website to add your personal website on Curofy.
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